Professionally, I worked with iOS and Android during my time on the mobile team at Kofax, working on the Kofax Mobile SDK. While I was there, I contributed to both the iOS and Android versions of the SDK, writing demo and test applications for the team to use using Objective C, Cocoa Touch, as well as Java and the Android API. Additionally, I pushed the mobile team from testing the SDK entirely manually, to using automation using the XCTest and JUnit frameworks.


I have been working personally with iOS and Android since I was in college, from simple little games to utility applications to use when my friends were playing Dungeons and Dragons. You can find github links and descriptions to these projects below:

Rod of Wonder

Rod of Wonder is an application I created purely in Objective C on iOS/Cocoa Touch during the Fall of 2014.

Rod of Wonder is a simple application with a hilarious backstory. As a fan of D&D, I get together and play many tabletop RPGs with my friends from time to time. One of these includes Dungeon World, which I can describe as a simplified version of Dungeons & Dragons. Here, we came across an item known as the “Rod of Wonder”. Which, put simply, can generate any random effect when the player uses it.

Now, as there are literally thousands of possible combinations of effects from this item, it often took several minutes for the DM to be able to find an effect to use. As any sane programmer would do, I decided to automate this task.

The app itself simply parses a text file and generates a random line of text from the file to display on the screen in a small animation. Simple, but incredibly useful and time-saving.

EDM Droid

Github Link

EDM Droid is a project I completed for Informatics 133: User Interaction software as a final during the Fall 2013 quarter.

The project description itself was fairly simple. We had one task: make the application play different sounds using the accelerometer. The bare minimum was 5 sounds, but I had a different idea. As a fan of electronic music, I have had a lot of fun in the past working with launchpads, I decided to put my own spin on them using the Android accelerometer. End result: endless fun making a simple mix simply using gestures on your phone.

Spam Filter

Spam filter was an idea that came to me while trying to clean out an old Yahoo email account that I wanted to delete. As I was just beginning development on Pop The Bubbles, the idea immediately came to me that it would be really fun to do a visual representation of a spam filter, where the user controls an electronic representation of a “shredder” to represent the filter. There are rewards for shredding the correct types of emails, and penalties, of course, for shredding non-spam or really important emails (i.e. Bills).

Pop The Bubbles (Android)

Github Link

Pop The Bubbles in Android was my first Android project. The object of the game is to pop bubbles. Bubbles, of course, have different colors and will offer different point values depending on that color, which leaves the user to choose which they will prioritize before the bubbles reach the bottom and pop. The game is just a simple design I could base the application on while I learned how activities, views, and XML worked in the context of Android applications. A few new implementations were added, including an options activity which allows the user to choose how often bubbles spawn, as well as a score-saving system, which records the player’s score when the back button is pushed, and asked the player when they return whether or not they would like to continue with that score.


Author: Kirsten

Hello there! Welcome to my website. My name is Kirsten Kane, a native of Southern California, avid gamer and esports fan, amatuer Kart racer, craft beer enthusiast, and an alumnus in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine. I am currently working as a Test Analyst at Blizzard Entertainment on the Accounts & Commerce Core team. Formerly, I was an SQA Engineer in Test Automation at Lexmark Enterprise Software (formerly Kofax) one of their flagship products, Kofax Total Agility. In my spare time, I love to create video games, both on my own or with a club team. I spent two years at the Video Game Development Club at UCI where I created a number of games in Unity and Unreal engine that you will find featured on this website!

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