Dungeon Smasher


Dungeon Smasher is a 2D top down semi-procedurally generated Dungeon Crawler and collection game that I began on my own using Unity 2D in February 2015.

For Dungeon Smasher, I wanted to be able to make an exploration game without having to spend a lot of time designing levels and, in addition, allow the player to collect more gems by utilizing randomization. To do this, I needed to focus on and more effectively utilize the power of prefabs in Unity, which would allow me to make the game easier to edit, easier to add to, and easier to remove.

In dungeon smasher, the player is collecting gems in a series of rooms. The player is always in a room with four exits. Using these exits, the player can move to a similar room and collect more gems. The object of the game is to collect as many gems and collectibles as the player can before they are killed by demons, who all have a chance to spawn in each room when the player enters it. Each room is similar in that it has a decorations, gems, and demons, but each room is different in its presentation both empirically and how the user enters the room. Each time may be different- more or less hazardous- all depending on the roll of the dice




Gameplay Footage

Outbreak is a 2D sidescrolling game I created during CS 113: Project in Computer Games, during the Winter 2014 quarter at UCI.

The game is simple: kill as many zombies as you can before you get hit too much. It’s not a very original concept, but we thought that for a game where many of us were using Unity 2D for the very first time it would be a nice introduction to making games on that engine. And in any case, who doesn’t like killing hordes of zombies?!

The final version of the game featured four different maps with different zombie spawning points. The zombies spawn endlessly in about 30 second cycles. Each level also feature spawning points for loot crates, which have a chance to drop a new power up, such as jet pack or invincibility, or a new weapon, such as a machine gun or a rocket launcher.

The graphics aren’t the best 2D sidescroller graphics I’ve seen, but with a team of four dedicated programmers, there wasn’t much we could do but try our best. The most important part is that we all thought it was fun to play (albeit a little challenging), and that it was incredibly fun to make.